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Welcome to the ESRI Conservation Program (ECP)

This is the ECP Archive & Mapping site, It serves 2 roles. First, as an online historical archive for the first 30 years of the Esri Conservation Program, 1989 - 2019. Newer projects, including the "Conservation Reference Project", and the "Inclusive History of Conservation", can now be found at the Conservation Program ArcGIS Builder (ExB) Site. It also serves for testing compatibility & interactive presentations of various high resolution national vector maps of vegetation & ecological systems, from sources including LANDFIRE and the California Native Plant Society, using different kinds of ArcGIS Online apps, webmaps, storymaps, and ArcGIS website construction tools (see below). ExB Site Another resource worth checking is the Esri Community Conservation Section.

. Content and material from this archive is also serving as source for many new Conservation documentation, equity & inclusiveness projects, including the "Community GIS, Environmental & Social Justice" project, the "Inclusive History of Conservation" project, The Conservation Storytelling Project, the Global Conservation Training Project & Tribal & Traditional Conservation GIS. )

The current Society for Conservation GIS site is at
The Esri GIS Grants for Conservation can be applied for HERE
(this webform:, will give full access to the grant offerings of the Esri Conservation Program)

NEW: Sources & Links on Equity & Diversity in Conservation & GIS
"On GIS, Modesty & the Problem of Racial Privelege"
"Why should GIS Matter to Queer People?" by Sean Dunnington
"Native American & First Nations GIS" by Jhon Goes-In-Center


New Calif Native Plant Society/Calif Dept Fish & Wildlife 2018 Map/App Page
Vegetation Explorer App, Tutorials, Links to data, ECP Vegetation Cartography Project

Esri's "Science of Where" : after years providing powerful tools for scientists, Esri is now working more deeply in GIS as an important science in it's own right.

Official SCGIS International Facebook Page

Calif Native Plant Society/Calif Dept Fish & Wildlife/National Park Service Ecological map, part of the ECP National Vegetation Cartography Project (more maps below)

Ecol Society America talk on a national ecological map overlay

Calif Naturalists talk on how maps & images change the world
Calif Naturalists Blog Post on GIS & Natural History

3d European SCGIS Conference Page

SCGIS International Chapter Guide Public Draft Released

"Conservation GIS " blog/ user group on Esri Community!

2016 Proceedings now LIVE! Now adding Training Course Proceedings PDFs and Map Gallery PDF's

2015 Proceedings now LIVE! Now adding Training Course Proceedings PDFs and Map Gallery PDF's

Now adding Scholar Profiles and abstracts from 2014 conference

ECP ArcGIS online site: (groups, shared data, ecological map services)

2016 Developer Summit Proceedings just released

New Drone2Map blog series

ECP National Vegetation Cartography Project: USFS Landfire application example:

Scgis Scholar Web GIS Training: Map Gallery

Scgis Scholar Profiles:(2015) . 2016

Scgis Proceedings (now being posted for all prior conferences)

Conservation Planning textbook: The Craighead Center For Landscape Conservation is a national scientific center using GIS to advance conservation theory and make it more available and applicable to practicioners and land planners worldwide. "Conservation Planning" was co-edited by Dr. Lance Craighead and Charles Convis and published by esri press.

Conservation Mapping Contest
cons  scgis

ArcGis for NGO's!
ESRI's NGO/NPO now offers nonprofits 1-year subscriptions to ArcGis for an annual admin fee. These are download only with no phone tech support but easy to order.

Ecp Cartography Project:: Santa Monica Mts iNaturalist Observer Behavior vs Ecosystems demonstration

ECP National Vegetation Cartography Project: USGS Gap Landcover application:

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