SCGIS 2018 Scholar Program Reviewers Page (2018 main)

NEW: New question added to Application:

Changes to the app form:
*-TEACHING & LEADERSHIP: Please describe your experience in teaching conservation or GIS,you’re your leadership experience in any conservation or GIS projects or organizations:
Please describe your experience in teaching conservation and/or GIS, the type of class, the kinds of students. Please also describe any experience you have creating or leading a group or community related to conservation or GIS.

Changes to the review guidelines:

The primary strategy for reviewing an individual application by an individual reviewer is to consider several factors for each applicant. These are:

- Their contribution to the global conservation movement
- Their participation and leadership in the local conservation GIS community
- Their ability to teach conservation and/or GIS to others
- Their capacity to absorb and utilize what they will learn through our program

3) Their ability to teach conservation or GIS
This is a new question, reflecting the increasing importance of the SCGIS Train-the-Trainer Program in SCGIS international activities and funding. It is meant to capture and evaluate the ability and experience of this candidate in teaching others. Their teaching experiences can be in any setting, for any age of students, for any content related to science or technology. What’s most important here is to evaluate their passion for teaching and their potential to be a future conservation GIS trainer as their contribution back to the community.

4) Their capacity to absorb and utilize what they will learn
A new requirement to include in this question is an evaluation of the candidates VERBAL English skills. We ask each chapter to please talk by phone or in person with your candidates to evaluate their verbal English abilities. For chapters with many applicants it’s ok to just conduct the verbal evaluation with your top finishers as a final step before you submit your final scores.

An early version of the application form had a choice at the very top to select either a “Core” or “Advanced” program to apply for. The program as described in those early versions will not be offered but some form of advanced training is still planned to be available, however the group will still work as one group most of the time. Our reasons for this are many and include the fact that many applicants who describe themselves as “advanced” aren’t really, also that our scholars and SCGIS benefit greatly from the leadership and mentorship that an “advanced” scholar can offer when part of a single group. We feel strongly that a single group maximizes the community experience and friendships that SCGIS is known for. We also feel that it’s not correct to call this course a “Basic” course, which is why we are changing the terminology to “Core”. There are more details on how to evaluate scholars who seem to be advanced later on in this section.



Review Status updated to March 3d , new updated scholar program plan ver 10 includes estimated dates for 2018

Program Dates Finalized: Jun 15-Jul 19, 2017. Please see below for link to detailed day-by-day calendar of the 2017 Scholar Program and activities. All other ver9 docs include these date changes. Also we are getting into the deep details now of exactly what it's going to take to run this with a large commitee of volunteers. Using surveys of how much time it took our volunteers to help out this past year and some detailed planning on the tasking design of the timeline we have come up with some very rough provisional assignments, leaders, co-leaders, backups, support volunteers, for all of our tasks, in the "Detailed Tasking "roposal" below. It is currently in review by all of our committee members to see where they can fit in or where they might be overextended and need to decline. We also have a tiny budget of $7k to do what used be done in 1,640 hours of a full time person so also included is a discussion of how best to allocate this budget to support things like expense reimbursement.

the 2017 program is LIVE! Our 2017 program will have many changes and new options and we are getting our email announcements out on a much earlier schedule as a result. That means that some of our forms and announcments may need minor corrections as we move forward into Novermber and December, so check this page for any specific notices of updates or new changes. This page will also provide supplementary material and additional resources beyond what we can fit into our short emails

NEW . SCGIS 2017 Detailed Schol Program Timeline Ver10 mar 2 2017

SCGIS 2017 Detailed Tasking & Hours Design Proposal Ver8DRAFT dec 19 2016

SCGIS 2017 Summary 1-page TIMELINE Ver9 dec 21 2016

SCGIS 2017 Detailed Schol Program Hours Needed Survey Ver8 dec 13 2016

SCGIS 2017: Formal Scholarship Program Announcement for Nov 3, 2017

SCGIS 2017 Reviewers Guidelines Ver.2

SCGIS 2017 Official Application Form Ver.9

SCGIS 2017 Review Guidance v9 . and . 2016 Scholar Finalist Example Reviews

One-page summary of Chapter Scholarship Role: on (See below for a quick overview from the chapter guidebook of the chapter duties in the scholarship program)










SCGIS 2017 Scholar Program Frequently Asked Questions:

Today's Note from Mervyn Lotter outlining the basics of being a mentor for an applicant and helping them apply and navigate the new program:

"Dear Tasya The scholarship program has changed significantly this year (2017) compared to the past. I will try and summrise these below as well as answer your questions:
•As a Mentor, most of what you will need to know is provided on this webpage that Charles set up:
•You would probably want to provide this webpage to Jessica to assist her in better understanding the scholarship program and some frequently asked questions:
•It is important to note that Indonesia is one of the EFN countries, where WWF will be fully sponsoring some of the SCGIS scholars, so this means that Jessica stands a chance of having all her costs covered by WWF, but it does mean some earlier deadlines for her and you.
•In order for SCGIS to review EFN applications and make a recommendation to WWF, we (the SCGIS International Committee) need to receive (1) her completed application by the 10 January for internal assessment before making a recommendation to WWF. But we also require (2) that Mentors/or Chapters assess and score each application submitted to us. You would know the applicant and their role in conservation better than any of us so we will pay careful attention to any comments or notes that you provide in your assessment.
•In order to provide us with your assessment by the 10 January, you will need to ask Jessica to complete the application form by early January (for example) so as to provide you with sufficient time to review her application form. I hope I am making sense? Please dont hesitate to ask for better clarity.
•It is very exciting and wonderful that EFN countries can apply to this earlier funding cycle but do note that if Jessica or you miss this deadline, then Jessica's application can still be submitted and assessed together with the rest of the scholars from non-EFN countries later in February (to be submitted to SCGIS 1 March). So please do submit even if running a late for whatever reason.
•Lastly, you asked about the role of Mentor. In my opinion, Mentors were first introduced to try and allow for SCGIS to penetrate into areas that were not covered by existing Chapters. So any past SCGIS scholar could become a Mentor to someone who could benefit from the SCGIS Scholarship program, regardless of country or region. But I also understand it to include GIS professionals from within regions covered my Chapters, but where these professionals can advise, train, and capacitate new GIS users about the use of GIS in conservation. They can play more of a "tutor" role than a Chapter can given the capacity limits of Chapter that could not do so for all applicants received. This mentorship role can be more than merely assisting with scholarship application process, but also include training and advice.
•You dont formally "register" with SCGIS to be a mentor but you do need to indicate to us in writing (email as you have done) that you intend being a mentor and what countries could you cover or be a mentor to? You have currently indicated Indonesia and your willingness to assist (which is great and much needed!) . Are there any other countries you could potentially cover?
•The core responsibility of being a mentor is to (1) reach out to possible deserving applicants within your region (supplying them with the attached form) and (2) to ensure that you assess their application forms and provide your assessment and their original application to the SCGIS International Committee for final review.


How to I contact my local chapter or find an international mentor so I can apply? List of email addresses is coming soon, check this page

Deadlines: are set independently by each chapter/mentor/reviewer but generally speaking applicant deadlines will be between Dec15 and Dec 30, 2016 for the EFN "early decision" funding, and between Jan 1 and Jan 30, 2017 for the standard funding.
REVEIWER deadlines for submitting reviewed/ranked applications to SCGIS International are Jan 10 for EFN, and Feb 24th for Standard..

Can I have applicants apply to BOTH the new EFN program funding and the traditional program? ABSOLUTELY! we are concerned that this might also mean you have to do two rounds of review and are working on solutions. For now we will be sending out the application form and review guidelines in a couple of days so that if you elect to do a SINGLE review round for BOTH programs in time for the EFN dealine in January, you will still have 2 months to do it. Otherwise, for those doing 2 seperate rounds of review, you won't have to make a master scoring across both reviews, you'll only have to rank your candidates WITHIN each round and just keep the 2 rounds seperate. You are, however, permitted to include as many candidates in your first review round as you want even if they are not EFN elegible, as long as they send in their materials by the early deadline. EFN is just a funding source with an early deadline, it has nothing else to do with the SCGIS program review you will be carrying out! We understand that even if someone is not eligible for EFN there may be other advantages to an early review such as getting an early decision like some universities do, and we are working on ways to do that.

Email address for sending in your applications and questions:
Alternate Email: . . . . Int'l Committee email;



SCGIS Global Chapters Review Contacts, Email Address List and Application Deadlines

Scgis Slovenia, Rok Ciglic: . Applications Due Jan 30, 2017








SCGIS 2018 Formal Scholars Program (See also Summary Timeline on main scholarship program page.)

Plan: If you wish you can read the detailed plan for ALL steps of the new 2017 Scgis Scholars Program. It will help you understand how broad and complex this program is! This is optional, for anyone interested, read & click on the following: SCGIS 2017 Scholars Program planning v9

Also needed: Example Documents Package v6 (note some of these docs especially the internal review xls contain the internal scorings and rankings of the 2016 scholars and applicants. We want to be open about the selection process so we can all learn how to improve our success each year, but please be judicious in your use of these internal review documents to make sure that the information about the applicants and scholars mentioned therein is treated carefully and sensitively. One of the hardest things to evaluate, honestly, is how sincere stated commitments to the SCGIS community are from folks who appear to have only recently joined, begging the question of whether they joined just for the scholarship program or not. Your ability to help us figure out which of your applicants have shown a sincere and ongoing commitment to your chapter, apart from scholarship opportunities, is one of the key factors in the final decision)







Excerpt from the current Chapter Guidebook: Summary of the Chapter's role in the Scholarship Program

4T-4.Required: Participate in the annual SCGIS International Scholarship Program
The primary way for chapters to participate is by coordinating the scholarship program in your region, making announcements, answering questions, and reviewing and ranking all of the applications from your area. The International program does the final global review to select the final scholars and we try hard to make sure every chapter has at least one scholar selected, but it’s not guaranteed, nor is having a scholar selected each year a formal requirement to maintain chapter status. What’s required is for you to participate in coordinating and reviewing to the best of your ability each year. In addition to this required commitment, Chapters who have a member attending the annual conference can also provide volunteers to help with the Scholars Training, Scholar Logistics and SCGIS Conference volunteer duties. Helper participants are more common in US Domestic andCanada chapters where a driver’s license is a useful resource, but nothing prevents helpers coming from other countries

Specific steps include;
1. Distribute the SCGIS scholarship announcement to your Alliance, Chapter members, Colleagues and Friends

2. Answer questions about the program and SCGIS from prospective applicants. When asked, provide advice and mentorship to help applicants who may be struggling with language or other issues.

3. Select from the pool of applications submitted to you, those you believe merit formal consideration for a scholarship. You may select by any means your group wishes to adopt, consensusand discussion, or scoringand ranking. Provide a narrative evaluation of eachfinalist selected per the reviewer's guidelines. You may also provide the ranks and scores, but it’s your narrative evaluation with your chapter’s personal knowledge of the applicant, their local work, their local community activities, and their reputation that carries the most weight in the global review.

3. Submit your selected finalists to SCGIS International per the guidelines.
3. If you are applying to be a conference helper or a training support person in the Train-the-Trainer program, submit your availability and funding needs to SCGIS International

4 To initiate a chapter, you must be able to send someone in person to meet with the SCGIS board of directors (See section 4T-8 below)

5. Even if none of your candidates receives a scholarship, any Chapter members can still attend the SCGIS annual meeting on their own in an official capacity as chapter representative, and take advantage of the discounted passes.