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(ECP and CTSP grantees, reports, and other sites of interest for conservation geograpy, mapping and GIS. Grantees are coded by program and year of grant at the end of their name/state, i.e. e91 means ECP grant in 1991. c=cstp, cm=ctsp-mac, cs=ctsp-software)

Oregon Natural Resources Council, Bend OR c95 (5825 N. Greeley Ave., Portland, OR, 97217, Phone: 503-283-6343, fax: 503-283-0756, E-mail: Oregon Natural Resources Council is a conservation consortium promoting environmental protection by educating the public and influencing the public's servants through legal and legislative processes. The organization is a leader in combining advanced GIS methods with exhaustive on-the-ground volunteer work to establish exactly what is going on in wild nature on the ground. Check out the great maps at ONRC's Oregon Wild Campaign.

Pacific Biodiversity Institute, Winthrop, WA e89 c96 (PO Box 298 Winthrop, WA 98862, Send tel: 509-996-2490 Fax: 509-996-3778, E-mail: Pacific Biodiversity Institute (PBI) conducts scientific research in the fields of ecology, conservation biology and natural resource management. Its activities are focused on the conservation of biodiversity and maintenance of ecological integrity in the Pacific region. PBI develops advanced analytical tools and methods that aid the conservation of biodiversity and provide access to these tools, as well as research and consultative services, to public agencies, educational institutions and other non-profit conservation organizations. PBI authored the Conservation GIS Starter Kit, and they provide GIS research, services and support to numerous other groups. PBI's Endangered Species Information Network coordinates endangered species data for the Pacific Northwest. PBI has been working toward the development of a roadless area information system for the Pacific Northwest that will utilize the extensive research and information it has developed and acquired on roadless areas. See its Road Map Project.

Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Inc., Pa c98 (117 South 17th Street, Suite 2300, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Phone: 215-563-0250, E-mail: The Pennsylvania Environmental Council improves quality of life for all Pennsylvanians by enhancing the Commonwealth's natural and built environments by integrating advocacy, education and implementation of community and regional action projects. The Council values reasoned and long-term approaches that include the interests of all stakeholders to accomplish its goals. Check out its GreenSpace Alliance project where you can map and submit database queries for the natural and cultural recreation sites in southeastern Pennsylvania. The site not only helps users find the best spot for biking, swimming or other activities, it also promotes awareness of the extraordinary wealth of open space and historical places in the region. The Watershed Atlas of the Allegheny River features a multimedia map atlas, including a historic timeline.

Prairie Plains Resource Institute, Ne e98 c99 (1307 L Street, Aurora, NE, 68818-2126, Phone: 402-694-5535, E-mail: PPRI is an educational land trust founded in 1980. It is the originator of local high-diversity prairie and wetland ecological restoration techniques and a nationally-recognized youth field daycamp and teacher training workshop called SOAR (Summer Orientation About Rivers). Its use of GIS includes the grassland cover map for historic Prairie Island.

Prospect Park Alliance, Ny e98 (95 Prospect Park West Brooklyn New York 11215 USA tel:(718) 965-8951, E-mail: The Prospect Park Alliance is a public/private partnership with the City of New York, which, through fundraising and advocacy, furthers the restoration and preservation of Prospect Park and the development of the Park as a resource for the people of New York City. The Alliance uses GIS to collect data about the Park and to undertake a series of studies and data collection efforts into an integrated data base to serve as an ongoing planning and management tool for the Park.

Public Research Works, Tx c99 (611 South Congress, Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78704, Phone: 512-326-5655, Fax: 512-326-5922, E-mail: PRW is a non-profit research and education organization whose mission is two-fold: first, it educates the public on the need to reduce the negative environmental impact of human activity and support sustainable economic development; second, it promotes increased access to the governmental decision-making process for low and middle income people and non-profit groups. PRW provides computer mapping, research, and public education expertise to neighborhood, governmental, and non-profit organizations to protect the public health through a cleaner environment and supporting locally-sustainable economies and to promote increased access to the governmental policy-making process so that people and community groups can help shape the decisions that affect their lives.

Smartwood Program, Richmond VT c97 (Goodwin-Baker Building, 65 Millet St.,. Richmond, VT, 05477, Phone: 802-434-5491, Fax: 802-434-3116, E-mail: In 1994, the SmartWood Network was established by the Rainforest Alliance and several independent non­profit organizations to facilitate research, policy and field level program implementation related to forest monitoring, evaluations, assessments and forest products certification...The SmartWood Program reduces the negative impacts of commercial forestry by rewarding its seal of approval to responsible forest managers. SmartWood's regional experts work in tropical, temperate and boreal forests to reduce the environmental damage caused by wood harvesting and to maximize the positive impacts of commercial forestry on local communities. See also Institute for Sustainable Forestry in ECP Forestry.

Updated: April 2003


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