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The ESRI Conservation Program is now part of the new non-profit support group at esri (aka Environmental Systems Research Institute). Through our donations, We have helped to create and develop spatial analysis, computer mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) capability among thousands of non-profit organizations and individual projects of all sizes and types worldwide.

 New: By popular demand, the old ECP email form is finally transitioning over to the new & much simpler standard webform for all esri grants. We will soon be posting a tutorial here to help provide guidance on how to use the new webform. during this transition if you find for any reason that the new webform doesn't work for you please let us know right away so we can take care of your request.

Old Email Grant Form: now in transition to the new grants webform

Scgis 2015 Web GIS Training: Scholar Map Gallery

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Web Mapping for Conservation Project

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Conservation Planning textbook: The Craighead Center For Landscape Conservation is a national scientific center using GIS to advance conservation theory and make it more available and applicable to practicioners and land planners worldwide. "Conservation Planning" is a recent guide co-edited by Dr. Lance Craighead and Charles Convis and published by esri press.

Arc/INFO for NGO's! ESRI's NGO/NPO now offers nonprofits 1-year subscriptions to Arc/INFO for an annual admin fee. These are download only with no phone tech support but easy to order. If you want GIS software beyond the bundles and can't afford the admin fees then ECP is your best bet. If you are a nonprofit in need of other kinds of software and hardware, Techsoup grants are a great deal.

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