esri Conservation Program (ECP) Grants:
ECP GIS Grant Guidelines

large small subscriptions, entitling you to free hosted web map
services and 1-click cloud publishing from the desktop, are now
available as an ECP grant option.

This is the BACKUP PAGE for ECP GIS grant guidelines, to be used only as a backup option in case what you need to do is not yet possible with the new simpler webform. Otherwise please use this link for applying for conservation GIS grants.

GIS is the data mapping, management and analysis technology developed over 40 years ago and widely used today by every type of non-profit, commercial, government and private institution to create, manage, and publish spatial data. ESRI GIS is used today as the foundation for online spatial data and maps at tens of thousands of universities, government agencies and organizations. Esri Conservation Program (ECP) is an Esri grant program. This document contains the guidelines and instructions for applying for an ECP grant of GIS(Geographic Information Systems) mapping products. Click on any of the links below for more detailed information and guidelines.

OTHER GRANT OPTIONS for Free GIS and Help: Esri runs several GIS grant programs of which ECP is one. Each program has different eligiblities and different offerings. More info can be found at and

ELIGIBILITY: Grants are made on a case-by-case basis to non-profit organizations, programs and individuals active in public service and nature conservation, including but not limited to 501c3 organizations, University programs, Botanic Gardens and Museums, Native and First Nations groups, Local Parks, Watershed commissions, Social Justice and local volunteers. Any non-profit or non-government organization working for social justice, environment, indigenous rights or public benefit in any nation, or any individual volunteering for these types of groups, may apply for a grant. There are no grant cycles or deadlines, you can apply any time. At this time we do not grant cash or hardware.

There are no ongoing grant privileges. If you received an ESRI grant before it doesn't entitle you to get more grants, you have to re-apply each time. Grants are not exclusive. If you got a grant from ECP you don't have to restrict yourself to only that program. If you are eligible for other programs you can also use them anytime you need to.

TYPES of GRANTS: ECP Grants are of 2 types, "basic" and "advanced". A "basic" ESRI GIS request is limited to Single-user versions of ArcGIS Basic (formerly Arcview) or ArcGIS Standard (formerly ArcEditor) (up to 3 copies), Extensions, online and live training, books, GIS Data and ESRI conference passes.
Anything beyond this, including ArcGIS Advanced (formerly ArcINFO), cloud accounts, ArcGIS online subscriptions, ArcGIS for Server, Concurrent or Multi-user licenses, more than 3 copies of any single user product, advanced extensions like Business Analyst, is instead called an "advanced" request

All grants are sliding scale, you pay what you can and use your financial essay to explain why. Grants have a basic guideline price that we hope you can afford to cover basic product, processing and shipping costs.

If your grant is approved, you'll be expected to acknowledge it and ESRI in your reports and websites that use maps created with the grant, and you'll be obligated to provide a status report on your work with the grant in a year's time.

WHAT TO SAY IN THE APPLICATION FORM: Depending on the type of grant you will need to answer different questions in more or less detail. The heart of the grant form is 2 essays, one on what you plan to do with the grant, the other on your financial situation. Detailed step by step instructions on how to answer each question is here.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION: grant applications are submitted by email, preferably plain text, with any required attachments. You'll need to fill out your subject line following a specific format to ensure that your email can be successfully received. full details here.

SHARING YOUR WORK: Sharing, as appropriate, the products and outcomes of the work you do with your GIS grant is especially important. Not only will it benefit other volunteers, conservationists and activists, but it's an important part of the review for grant requests of renewals, subscriptions, updates, tech support and maintenance.

MAINTENANCE and Subscription GRANTS: All advanced products have recurring annual maintenance fees that cover tech support and product updates. Tech support subscriptions are available for any product and can be granted annually. ArcGIS Online subscription services are also available as annual grants.

Click HERE for the ECP grant application form

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