ECP Grant Guidelines:
How to submit your grant request

Please read the instructions below completely. Failure to
follow these instructions is the most common reason for grant
requests to fail. When you have successfully emailed your
request you will get an automatic email from ESRI confirming
that. Like any other automatic email, your email system may
file it as spam so check your spam folders too. If you
haven't gotten your auto-comfirmation then we probably did
not get your request. The most common reasons for this are:
1. You sent it as a complex formatted HTML that became unreadable. Plain text is always the safest.
2. you sent the request form as an attachment.
3. you left the subject line blank
4. you filled out the subject line wrong

This is a machine-readable form that will be used to
review, process and ship your grant request. This form is
for email submission only as directed below. There is no
other way to submit grant requests in this program.

To complete this form, Please type in your answer at the
end of each and every question, AFTER the colon (?:) You
can type as much text as you want and add or paste in as
many lines as you want between the colon (:) and the * at
the beginning of the next line.

Please do not erase any of the questions. Please DO NOT
erase the (?:) marker at the end of the question.

Make sure your completed form is in plain ASCII text
format. Nearly every webmail client, email client, word
processor and web browser has a "plain text" or "ascii text"
option, you just have to find it. The built-in text editor
"notepad" is also a plain-text editor. If you cut/paste
the form section directly into a word processor or Email
file PLEASE CHECK that line breaks and single spacing retains
the format of this page. If needed, please correct your format
before submitting.

For spam filter reasons, you may NOT send your grant form
as an attachment. With the exception of the ESRI Maintenance
quote PDF file, you may not include any attachments on your
actual grant form itself. We do encourage you to send attachments
to help in our review but you need to send them on a separate
email per the instructions in the next section.


We encourage you to include larger attachments such as maps,
shapefiles or geodatabases of your data & photos of your work
in the field. HOWEVER, these must be sent separately as
follows: First email in your main grant request per the rest
of the instructions below, and make sure to mention in your
essay(s) that you are also sending supplementary grant materials
and what they are. Next, prepare a second email
of exactly what you just sent, but this time attach all of your
attachment files to it and include the tag "@attach" in
your subject line. This will ensure that the proper review
team receives your attached material for their part of the

Except for mentors and as noted, each grant form applies to
just one grant/install location. To apply for a several grant
locations you'll need to send additional grant forms, one for
each location.


To submit this form, email it to:

Please make sure to delete the title info at the top of the grant form, down to but not including the main grant form header line: [ESRI CONSERVATION PROGRAM APPLICATION v8.2015. (Code ECP)]. Please keep this line at the top of your form.

Unless specifically requested, please do not cc your initial
application submission directly to grant reviewers as it may
confuse and delay your review.

Please keep a copy of your email.


Besides including the "@intl" tag, you must ensure that the
ESRI International Distributor for your country has also received
a copy of your application email. ESRI's International distributors
are listed on our web site at:
You must cc the distributor at the same time as you submit your email to ESRI.

If you are submitting a seperate attachment email you do not
have to send this to the distributor, only your main application email.
If you have any questions after submitting your request or
want to know grant status, resubmit using the same subject line
and just ask your question at the very top.

When your email is succesfully sent, you should quickly receive
one or more automatic confirmation emails depending upon your
request and what "@" tags you included. Some of these may be
warnings that you made some mistake in the subject line but these
are typically minor errors. If you recieve NO autoreplies then
something more serious is wrong and you'll need to re-try. ESRI
email servers have very agressive domain blocking that may forbid
your email from coming in, so always try another email address if
you can or a free yahoo or gmail address. If you have problems you
can also try to send a short query to ecp2 at esri dot com. We
maintain an alternate address as backup but we don't check
it often unless someone tells us they need to use it. This
alternate address is "CONSMAP" on gmail.

When your request is approved you will
get a copy of your original request with the approval. Shipping
can then take 1-4 weeks depending upon subsequent licensing
issues and questions. All ESRI software is shipped as standard
media kits that contain all our software. There is a post-shipment
licensing and registration process that formally activates
what you got in your grant. Some licensing is annual and
has to be renewed, some is permanent, they all require different
forms and procedures prior to installing so make sure you allow
time for that in your installation planning. If you have
any questions about your grant or shipping status you can call ESRI
Customer service at 888-377-4575 or email

After your grant is approved, watch for the critical license
file email from ESRI. It will arrive a week or 2 after your
grant ships and it will contain the activation codes needed
to unlock your software installation so it will actually run!
Please remember save that license file to an offline storage
so you can reinstall in case of computer problems.

If your request is granted, information about your grant
may be posted on the ESRI Conservation Program (ECP) web
site at

The existence of this grant program is thanks to the
thousands of grantees before you who were kind enough to
share their maps, reports, letters, stories, photos &
clippings with ESRI as they developed their GIS and map
programs. Anything you'd like to share with us as you
progress will help keep our grant program going for those
who will need it in the future.




Copyright © ESRI and each respective author/contributor listed herein.
compilation : Charles Convis, ESRI Conservation Program, May 2007 & 2016
Send your comments to: ecp2 at esri dot com