ECP Grant Guidelines:

The following grant form questions are especially important and are part of the review for any grant renewals, subscriptions, tech support and maintenance support

*-- SHARING YOUR GRANT-Date you hope to share maps/data/stories
- at (month/day/year, i.e. 11/4/99)[OSTATDUE]?:

*- IF APPLICABLE: date & description of your recent shares/uploads [OSTATDATE]?:

See also: Sharing on the ECP Webmap, or Sharing online or Status Reports & Sharing page

Grantees are asked to share their maps, stories and data at as part of their grant obligations. These make a big difference in our ability to find funding and support to continue the grants program, to create new publications, and to inform donors of the importance of funding conservation GIS. These are also important if you apply for a grant of maintenance (see below) has a simple free public account but these are not very useful for sharing because most users and conservation organizations on are in the "subscription" accounts, which offer a variety of free publishing and hosting services and access to premium datasets such as 2-week sattellite imagery. At present, users and groups in the Free section cannot search for, share or join with users and groups in the subscription section and vice versa. Fortunately, Esri Conservation Program can grant subscription access to any past and present ECP grantees for free or nominal cost. For details please email ecp2 at esri dot com or sbeckwitt at esri dot com .

There is no strict format for sharing a story, what colleagues most want to know are the facts on how GIS helped your project and your conservation mission. Specific technical methods you used for analysis or cartography that might be useful to others and that you are willing to share are especially welcome. Specific activist methods you used that allowed your maps, reports or data to have a greater impact in the public arena are equally welcome. Bad news is also useful to your colleagues, since accounts of struggle and failure can sharply and deeply illustrate the constraints that everyone is facing.

If your maps or work were published and/or described at other online locations, please also include acknowledgement of your ESRI grant as requested in the form and where possible please include any notes about how you used your granted GIS to create those maps or reports. You can use a small or large ESRI Conservation icon for this purpose.


If you are not comfortable or not able to share your work online you can also Email submissions to ECP with CD/DVD and/or hardcopy for backup or for very large files or high-res photos. We will also be happy to post any of your example maps, stories & data at for you.

If emailing, please include your full contact information you can cut/paste the "Organization" and "Applicant" sections if you want. It helps us if you can include the special tag "@report" to your subject line. You may send your disks or hardcopies to:

ESRI Conservation Program,
380 New York St, Redlands, CA, 92373.
Tel: 909-793-2853


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