ECP Grant Guidelines:
Status Reports, Maintenance, Subscriptions and Support

UPDATE Aug 2013: free accounts used for sharing maps and status reports no longer have access to the paid premium subscription services section of that the Esri Conservation Program is part of. To have access to the ECP groups and share areas you'll need to get a subscription account. These come with access to many new software tools and apps not available thru the destop grants program, such as Landscape Analyst and Field Data Collector, as well as premium data services like 2-week satellite imagery. Fortunately ECP includes grants and discounts for ArcGIS online subscriptions. For more information please email ecp2 at esri dot com or sbeckwitt at esri dot com

MAINTENANCE SUPPORT: All esri software products have recurring annual maintenance fees that cover tech support and product updates. Maintenance fees are important in allowing ESRI to provide live and online technical support services and the automatic software updates provided under the maintenance program have proven to be important in the success of other conservation GIS programs.

The First year of ESRI maintenance is free but in your second year you will begin receiving 'quotes' for maintenance fees. These are not bills or invoices, nevertheless it's important not to ignore them and to send some type of reply when you get them. You have 3 choices:

The standard grant form is used to apply for a maintenance grant request. You can enter "Maintenance" in the "Specific Request" section.

To submit, please use the standard subject line format, adding the "@maintenance" tag, and be sure to attach the maintenance quote pdf you received from Esri customer service The maintenance quote pdf is the only permitted attachment to an application, do not put @attach on the subject line for a maintenance grant; if you do put the @attach tag on your maintenance application, it will not be processed.

If your GIS grant allowed you to create maps or reports that were published online, another factor in the review of maintenance grant requests is if or how you included descriptions with those maps of how you created them using your granted software. You don't have to give away any trade secrets, but we do want to encourage you to share with others how you used the GIS to create the maps or studies you created. We also ask that you include an acknowledgement to ESRI for making the GIS grant. You can obtain an ESRI Conservation icon for this purpose in a web version here or print version here. You can do this on the same page as the maps and/or wherever else it's appropriate to acknowledge your sponsors and donors.

If you are unsure as to any prior grants you might have gotten and what the maintenance status or previous quotes might have been you can find out at the ESRI Customer Service Website,, and log in to learn about your status. Alternatively you may contact ESRI customer service by phone at 888-377-4575 or by email at You will need to tell them your ESRI customer number if you know it.

More information and examples on status reports and maintenance are Here



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