ECP Grant Guidelines:
Types of Grants

TYPES of GRANTS: ECP Grants are of 2 types, "basic" and "advanced". A basic grant is limited to basic software, training and books and requires 2 short essays with simple guidelines here. Advanced grants are not as limited but require more extensive essays addressing more questions as outlined here.


Software: A "basic" ESRI GIS request is limited to Single-user versions of ArcGIS Basic or ArcGIS Standard (up to 3 copies), Extensions, online and live training, books, GIS Data and ESRI conference passes. Anything beyond this, including ArcGIS Advanced, ArcGIS Server, Concurrent or Multi-user licenses, more than 3 copies of any single user product, advanced extensions like Business Analyst, is instead called an "advanced" request. To learn about the different ArcGIS licensing levels and the capabilities available at each level, please read the ArcGIS 10.1 Desktop Functionality Matrix. or the ArcGIS 10.1 Server Functionality Matrix.

Image Processing Software: ENVI image analysis software grants through Excelis VIS: You can include a request for an ENVI license donation in your Esri Conservation Program grant request. Please review the guidelines for the respective application form section for details.

Online and Cloud accounts and ArcGIS Online Subscriptions : There are several new types of cloud-based GIS tools and collaborative information systems that you can request access to. Some of these are cloud sites that you will be sharing with others, some are exclusive accounts.

BOOKS: You may request books from esri Press, but only those published by esri (esri press also offers GIS-related titles from many other publishers)

CLASSES: The esri Learning Center offers instructor-led training in hundreds of GIS topics online and in our US offices (we cannot grant live training outside the US) esri also offers self-paced learning via the esri virtual campus. For more info about classes you may contact the esri Learning Center directly at 909-793- 2853 x1585.

User Conference Passes : The esri user conference is the largest GIS conference in the world, attracting 15,000 users and offering workshops, specialized training, user group meetings and many other unique and valuable opportunities. You can apply for a waiver of the conference registration fees only (we do not fund travel expenses) NOTE that some software licenses already include a free UC pass, Otherwise you can request UC Passes up to 5 months prior to the conference dates each summer.


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