ECP Grant Guidelines:

ECP GRANT REQUESTS CAN BE A TIME-CONSUMING PROCESS! GIS is a powerful and widely applicable technology that can affect every aspect of your information management, and GIS grant values often run into the many tens of thousands of dollars. In a typical request, you can expect to spend many hours completing your application and describing your work. Grant review can take several weeks. If you need ESRI products more quickly than that, please contact your local sales office (

There are no ongoing grant priveleges. If you got an ESRI grant before it doesn't entitle you to get more grants. Having a prior grant makes some things easier  when you re-apply, but you'll have to provide a status report  and show what you are using the grant for (See page 4). There is one provision for cases where you forgot to include something in a grant request. If you made a grant request less than a year ago and want to add-on more items of like kind, you can re-submit your original grant form with the additional items listed and say "Add-On Request" at the top. Like kind means that you can add more licenses of Arcview onto an Arcview grant, or extensions onto a grant that  included some extensions. You cannot add Arc/INFO onto an Arcview grant. You can, however, add books and training onto any type of grant.

This is an international program. Applicants outside of the USA must, however, send their grant request to their ESRI  country representative before submitting it to esri. See:

All Grants have the condition that they may only be used for  non-profit work and may not be used for private commercial work. Grants are not normally made to private commercial organizations  but can be made to individuals working for non-profit causes.

Applications are reviewed by a volunteer team and so your review  may take 2-6 weeks. You are welcome to contact us if you have  questions about your status. If you have carefully followed the  "*===MANDATORY APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS" below then you will  receive several automatic confirmations that your request was properly  admitted into the reviewing process. After that you may recieve  emails from your reviewer, followed by an approval notice. This  can then be followed by emails from ESRI shipping and licensing  as any remaining issues in these areas are resolved. If you have  any questions about your grant status you can call ESRI Customer service at 888-377-4575 or email

To be eligible, The best thing you can do is read and follow the  application submission instructions. Failure to do so is the most  common cause of lost or ineligible applications

You will also need to check your inbox regularly for questions or  responses from our review team. Failure to do this is the most  common cause of delays.

The primary criteria for approving a grant is your commitment  to spend the time needed to learn how to use it, your financial  need, and how your project will benefit society and/or the environment.

Some grants like ENVI Image Processing software come from ESRI's  partner organizations so allow extra time and be sure to specifically  address your needs and capabilities for those third party items,  the same as you would for other specialized products like Extensions  (see next page). (SPOT Planet Action grants have a complete additional  seperate section on Page 8)

INTERNATIONAL MENTORS:  You are permitted to complete a grant application on behalf of other applicants. This is called a "Mentor" application, and to  qualify, you need to include in your justifications and descriptions what your history and relationship is with the group you are helping, and explain how you will continue to help them to learn and use the GIS grant you are applying for. Include the complete contact info for BOTH yourself as the "mentor" and the group you are helping out as the "applicant". The formal "Organization" sections are for  wherever the software will be shipped to and who it will be licensed to. As a mentor, you are also responsible for status reports on  the groups you help.

TRAINING MISSIONS: To encourage GIS experts to teach GIS overseas, you are also permitted to request multiple copies of software for short term use in training missions. You may additionally request standard licenses and transfer them to students in your class who are especially deserving. To qualify, you must first describe your history and relationship with the groups you will be training and describe your training mission itself. In the event of a grant to any of your students, you must then fill out or help them fill out a new grant form in their own name explaining the grant they got from your class and submitting it through the normal channels. Be sure to clearly specify that they already have the software they just need to have new formal license files issued in their name.



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