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The ESRI Conservation Program is the non-profit support arm of the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI). We have helped to create and develop spatial analysis, computer mapping and geographic information systems (GIS) capability among thousands of non-profit organizations and individual projects of all sizes and types worldwide. We do this by donating and providing millions of dollars worth of computer technology and training for groups just beginning to work on geographic problems, on an ongoing basis, and for advanced groups at the cutting edge of conservation biology and spatial sciences. Conservation/Geography is how we describe their use of these technologies, theories, methods and skills to in their overall mission of conservation and social change.




Society for Conservation GIS






How we do it:
- We donate and provide dozens of different kinds of ESRI GIS software.
- We donate and provide dozens of types of training courses at many locations around the world
- We donate and provide spatial data produced by ESRI and others
- We donate and provide basic and advanced geographic information science books produced by ESRI
- We donate and develop annual conferences so that all nonprofit Conservation/Geography folks can gather as a community and can afford to attend the gigantic ESRI International conference, largest GIS conference in the world.
- We organize mapping support organizations devoted to serving the nonprofit community so that they don't have to build their own GIS lab just to get a few simple analyses or maps done for a strategic plan, a hearing, a court case, an education campaign. The mapping services centers we have helped build have been responsible for helping hundreds of nonprofit groups benefit from the best conservation science and mapping.
- We organize with hardware manufacturers on integrated donation campaigns to provide complete spatial analysis labs to about 50 nonprofit organizations annually.

This site is our best effort to serve our community of grantees and beneficiaries, and the general public who may find this community interesting. This site has many parts, reflective of the broad variety of groups using technology for conservation, research and social change, and the many ways maps and geography affect what we do.

For more information, see: ESRI Conservation Program Charter PDF
(Date: November 1995, 246 KB / 25 pages.)

About this site:
"Conservation/Geography" is the name we've given to all the ways that people are using computers, maps and spatial data for to protect nature and change society. The name emphasizes what people are doing with these tools rather than the tools themselves. "Conservation GIS" is a name commonly given to all the GIS tools, techniques and methods used in Conservation, emphasizing the tools themselves. This web site is called made possible by the contributions and support of thousands of "Conservation Geography" groups worldwide and we sincerely thank all of them for their dedication and hard work. Addresses are provided as much as possible so that you can contact the groups you read about to offer help. Email addresses are scrambled where possible so that "spam" (junk email) programs cannot automatically read them. Several methods are used depending on when the link was added, volunteer help available, and any specific requests:
- Replace "@" and "." with "at" and "dot" - becomes: help at me dot com
- Insert dummy characters like %20, or "email:" - becomes:

Spam or junk email varies as a problem. Many folks have had their unscrambled email addresses published on our site for 3 years and have never gotten spam. I have my email address published in about 1000 places and I get about 3 spams a day out of 50 emails. If spam is a problem for you and you want your email address scrambled here just let us know at ecp at esri . com.

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It will be kept for compatibility purposes but it's links and reports will no longer be maintained and it's big slow pages will still be there. For best results you will need to check this main site.

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