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ESRI Cave and Karst Program


Using GIS for Cave and Karst Conservation.

The Cave and Karst Program is a special interest group under the ESRI Conservation Program. It is made possible through the support of ESRI and the efforts of volunteers who have expertise in GIS and an interest in applying GIS methods and tools to cave and karst conservation. The goals of the Cave and Karst Program are to:

  • Support groups involved with using GIS for the conservation of caves and karst areas.

  • Assist in providing resources to further cave and karst conservation efforts.

  • To help foster cooperation among cave and karst conservation GIS users.

  • To encourage and facilitate the exchange of resources, support, techniques, and other information pertaining to the use of GIS for cave and karst conservation.

  • To help provide data conversion services and volunteer programming services and training where needed.

  • To represent the GIS needs of the cave conservation community to other donors, including suppliers of hardware, software and imagery, and foundations and aid organizations.

  • To assist cave conservation groups in securing donations for GIS programs.

  • To help provide specialist advice to foundations and aid organizations in the potential for GIS and its appropriate application and management for cave and karst conservation.
  • For further information contact:

    Bernie Szukalski, Cave & Karst Program Coordinator

    Charles Convis, ESRI Conservation Program Manager