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GIS used for emergency planning for San Diego Wild Animal Park

ESRI recognizes that botanical gardens, arboreta, and zoological parks are at the forefront of biological scientific research and conservation efforts and play an important role in educating the public about the natural world.

ESRI is pleased to announce a new grant program offering software and training grants to botanical gardens, arboreta, and zoological parks that want to incorporate GIS into their operations. The overriding goal of the program is to support the application of GIS technology to plant conservation, management, research, and educational activities.

Mahesh Pathak, survey of bank cutting at Jalad Khola, Nepal
GIS helps make Gardens more efficient and successful

"Missouri Botanical Garden is pleased to support this GIS software grant program for plant collections," says Rebecca Sucher, coordinator of plant records at Missouri Botanical Garden. "We use GIS technology daily to conduct research activities around the world; educate children about conservation; and manage our collections and facilities in areas such as landscape design, conservation, and horticulture. The ESRI GIS software grant will enable more zoos and botanical gardens across the United States to take advantage of this powerful and much-needed tool."















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